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The “River Jazz and Blues Band” was born in 1971 with the name “Moxy Jug Strugglers”, consisting of musicians living in both Holstebro and Lemvig.

The band was later named after “Storåren”, (the big Creek), running through Holstebro and is colloquially just called the “Riverband”.

By the early 70’s, the musical environment in Holstebro, was already blossoming. The main venues were “Laden" (the barn) and “Dragen” (the dragon) and soon came the annual Jassfestival, which is short for Jutland’s Active musicians company (Jyllands aktive spillemands selskab). It was held at the Sports Arena in Holstebro. The programme was filled with a great variety of both Danish and international music names.

The conditions were great for the”River Jazz & Blues Band”. The whole event was very inspirational and the Riverband were given the opportunity to play in front of a big crowd, but also on the smaller and more intimate stages.

Today the musicians in Riverband are coming from all over Jutland. Whenever the band gives concerts they emphasize the original crew getting together.

In the beginning the repertoire consisted of traditional jazz, emphasizing various blues.

At an early stage in the bands history, the repertoire was expanded and now includes songs and compositions created by the founder and the leader of the band, Torben Lassen. The saxophone player, Filt Kristensen, later joined with various originals of his own as well as rearranging the orchestra’s classics.

Throughout the years, the band has developed a very special way of performing and they have spiced up the classic jazz repertoire with different genres such as latin, and jump & jive.

The “Rverband” is known for their close teamwork. The collaboration between the musicians, the groovy rhythms and the elegant arrangement of different wind instruments is what gives the songs some very special features. Besides the teamwork and the different arrangements, the songs are characterized by the very expression of the band and Torben Lassen’s harmonica highlights the “Riverbands” special sound of blues.

The inspiration is gained at various places. The musicians versatile music interests and the creative collaborations in rehearsal plays a huge part, however the guest stars inspire and give new life to the music and the songs.

The bands has featured different solo singers and –musicians throughout the years including Maxine Sullivan, Daimi, Lone Kellermann, Gunhild Carling, Jesper Thilo, Kenn Lending, Erling Kroner, Ole ”Fessor” Lindgren and Peter Rosendal.

The “River Jazz & Blues Band” has toured all over Denmark for 40 years and has also toured internationally: Sweden, Norway, Germany and England are just some of the places. In 2001 the band participated in the “Polarjazz Festival” on Svalbard and in 2015 they participated in the “French Quarter Festival” in New Orleans.

The calendar is filled with different clubs, festivals and private events. 
Below some feedback from both the audience and the venues. 

  • Saturday April 9th 2016 / A guest at ”Hagges" music café in Tønder:
    “ Thank you very much for an incredible concert at Hagges – the best at Hagges in a long time – I hope you come back in the near future”
  • Saturday January 30th /From Djurslands Jazz clubs website:
    “A great way to enter 2016 with a bang of a new year’s party: Delicious food, amazing surroundings at Kystvejens Hotel with first class staff, and last but definitely not least, a great reunion with the Riverband. It’s impressive what these musical west-jutlanders can deliver.”

  • Fall 2015, Jazz club Vordinborg:
    “It was a great way to end this year’s jazz, last Friday night. The “River Jazz & Blues Band” was in a great mood and served us one classic after another from their huge and varying repertoire. It is truthfully one of Denmark’s greatest bands and all of the jazz enthusiasts really knew how to appreciate them. An amazing end to an amazing jazz-year.

  • Aarhus Jazz club / café in Pustervig:
    “An intense orchestra, who loves mixing genres such as swing, trad, blues and latin. All of the audience at various clubs and festivals has fallen head over heels for this band and their ability to get beyond the stage, with their humor and musical abilities.”

  • Brøndby Jazz Club – The “River Jazz & Blues Band:
    “All of the people who got to experience the band in September last year, know just what fantastic music these talented musicians served us – lots of singing, a great mood and a versatile repertoire, that you can dance to all night!”


 pressefoto Riverband


 The ”River Jazz and Blues Band” deliver rousing rhythms and tasteful events,
in a well-shaken cocktail mixing traditional jazz, blues, swing, jump & jive and latin – served with a dash of warmth from Jutland.