About the band

A well-shaken cocktail of jazz, blues and Latin served with a dash of warmth from Jutland,  Denmark!

The Riverband has performed on various music stages throughout Denmark for 45 years, since 1971 – and the presence and commitment is still in focus with this original and versatile jazz orchestra.

The Riverband has experienced great success with their special musical style, both abroad and in Denmark, mixing the awareness of tradition, as well as musical surprises.


Riverband at Aarhus Jazzklub in 2014.

The Riverband’s repertoire consists of well-known themes from genres such as jazz, blues, swing, boogie and latin in addition to some originals.
A great amount of the songs are composed and set up by the leader of the orchestra, Torben Lassen, and the band’s saxophone player Filt Kristensen.Some of these songs have even turned into popular classics at various music venues around the country.

The Riverband plunges towards loved classics, well-known songs, elegant arrangements and inspiring dance rhythms. The combination of the close and dynamic interaction between the six musicians and their ability to reach the audience is the trademark of the band.